Another great money saving tip for the kids.

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Fullness of life for all people, living in connected resilient communities.

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20 March 2018 Media Release

Leaders rally for millions of people feeling the pinch

The Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program launches its Phase One Completion Report: From Foundations to Action.

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    Good Shepherd Microfinance

    As pillars of our society, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women play significant roles in our communities at every level. Our team in South Australia is lucky enough to work with Seigna through our small business program, LaunchME. Seigna has set up an artistic business based on her Aboriginal culture and values. Her story is inspiring and #becauseofherwecan NAIDOC week

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Our impactful programs

3 million people are financially excluded in Australia

building financial resilience

Good Shepherd Microfinance is a world leader in financial inclusion products, services and advisory. We offer fair and affordable financial programs to people on low incomes, and advisory services with a global reach.

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affordable financial services

By investing in products and services that promote financial inclusion, and through innovative policy design, we’re enabling people to become financially and socially included.

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When I was successful in getting a loan, it picked me up. I felt I was in control again.

Norma, NILS client