Are you working but finding it hard to get ahead? We’re looking for people in Tasmania to share their personal experiences about having limited access to credit. We know that accessing emergency cash to pay for household expenses like children’s needs, car repairs, food and clothing can sometimes be difficult. If you’re working but living on a tight budget – send us a PM or reply in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! This is a great opportunity to be involved in a campaign about better credit options.

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Our Vision

Fullness of life for all people, living in connected resilient communities.

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13 October 2017 Media Release

Money Ready Toolkit wins Get Ready Queensland Resilient Australia Award

Good Shepherd Microfinance’s Money Ready Toolkit has been awarded by the Queensland Government for its contribution to disaster relief and resilience, as part of this year's Get Ready Queensland Resilient Australia Awards.

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3 million people are financially excluded in Australia

building financial resilience

Good Shepherd Microfinance is a world leader in financial inclusion products, services and advisory. We offer fair and affordable financial programs to people on low incomes, and advisory services with a global reach.

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affordable financial services

By investing in products and services that promote financial inclusion, and through innovative policy design, we’re enabling people to become financially and socially included.

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When I was successful in getting a loan, it picked me up. I felt I was in control again.

Norma, NILS client