Money Ready Toolkit

Money Ready Toolkit

Disaster proof your finances

In collaboration with the Queensland Government, Good Shepherd Microfinance has produced the Money Ready Toolkit to help people prepare, respond and recover from the financial impact of natural disasters.

The Toolkit provides information and tools on preparing, responding and recovering from natural and human-made disasters.

Natural disasters are an unfortunate reality of living in Queensland and their impact can be devastating. In the floods that hit Queensland in the summer of 2010/11, 29,000 homes and businesses experienced flooding, the affected area was the size of France and Germany combined and the recovery cost was estimated at over $5 billion.[1]

People have long known the value of preparing their properties to reduce the risk of damage, but less attention is paid to the importance of disaster proofing our finances. Use the Toolkit to start a conversation with your family, friends and neighbours about disaster proofing their finances and together we can build a more financially resilient community.

Download the Money Ready Toolkit.

Aerial view of flood waters around a township

[1] Queensland Flood Royal Commission Inquiry, Final Report, p 31.

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