With over $20 million in loans written by our network each year, the group buying power of NILS and StepUP clients is significant. By leveraging that buying power, Good Shepherd Microfinance is able to get great deals for clients.

Good2GoNow is an ethical buying service that gives our clients access to the best prices on energy efficient whitegoods, computers and other household appliances.

Run in partnership with The Good Guys, Good2GoNow allows NILS and StepUP clients to save money and reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

In this financial year through to April 2016, Good2GoNow customers have saved over $740,000 off the ticket price of products. Good2GoNow can offer competitive prices across the entire range of products offered by The Good Guys and reducing the cost of appliances means that clients can pay back their loans sooner.

Good2GoNow also helps our clients save on delivery costs, with free delivery on a selected range of products across Australia – including regional and remote communities.

Good2GoNow is only available through Good Shepherd Microfinance’s microfinance network.

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16 October 2016

Building a carer-friendly community

We’re working with Carers Queensland, Carers South Australia and Carers Victoria to improve the economic wellbeing of people like Jess.

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11 October 2014

No more washing by hand

With four kids aged eight and under, washing clothes is a daily part of life for Candiannd and husband Sean.

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7 November 2016

No Interest Loan Scheme has Sarah flying high

A small loan enabled Sarah to regain her confidence, secure a job with an airline and, occasionally, treat herself.

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13 July 2016

Staying warm doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Shivering indoors is not the only way to avoid an astronomical energy bill this winter. There are lots of other ways to prevent bill shock.

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Once everything was finalised, the washing machine turned up in two days.

Candiannd, Good2GoNow client