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1 million people
by 2018

For many people on low incomes, paying for essential goods and services is a struggle, and the effects of going without can be huge.

Without a fridge you can’t store fresh, healthy food, without a computer the kids may be left behind at school, and if you can’t afford car registration it’s easy to become isolated.

Your donation will enable people on low incomes to access the products and services they need through a process that treats them with dignity and respect.

Ways to donate


Donate Online

Make a regular donation or talk to your employer about workplace giving.



You can organise and run your own fundraising event for Good Shepherd Microfinance. Visit our Everyday Hero page.



Share your time and talents to make a difference in your community.


Corporate Partner

Help us to impact even more lives by becoming a corporate partner providing financial support, in-kind goods or services, and pro bono work.

A small loan can make a big difference

Your generous support helps Good Shepherd Microfinance to prevent poverty and financial hardship in Australia. We are Australia’s largest microfinance organisation.

Our programs enable working class families and people living on low incomes with the opportunity to save, repay debt and have access to no interest and low-interest loans. We work with 260 accredited community organisations in 650 locations and have reached more than 140,000 people experiencing financial exclusion in Australia.

Your donation will appear in your funds transfer list for the next 90 days. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. For tax purposes, please print your funds transfer.

We will also send you a secure message with the details of your donation.

The No Interest Loan Scheme enabled Jaymee to set up home with her new son, helped Denise manage on a reduced income, and left Norma feeling in control.

No Interest Loan Scheme client Candiannd, playing with her young daughter

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