Back on track with NILS

Back on track with NILS

Robert never imagined he would need to access the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS). Like many of our clients, he previously always counted himself lucky.

“I had a roof over my head, good health, and was never without work,” Robert says.

But everything changed after a relationship break-up. He found himself on an unexpected journey without any possessions, money or a place to live.

After eight months in five temporary houses, Robert finally moved into semi-permanent but unfurnished housing. He needed to find a way to buy essential appliances.

“After a couple of nasty payday loans paying interest I couldn’t afford, I was desperate to find another way to finance my new household items.”

Robert says he heard of NILS and Good Money Collingwood at the perfect moment, and couldn’t believe that the loan had no fees, charges or interest.

With NILS workers supporting him to find the best price appliances, Robert furnished his house with a new fridge and washing machine within the $1,200 loan limit.

“As soon as I got the fridge and washing machine, the apartment felt like home. I don’t know where else I could have got these things from.”

Now back on his feet, Robert is making fortnightly repayments for the next twelve months at an affordable rate.

With stability returned, and “the extra finance to get things together,” he is now planning to set up a small handyman business.

NILS client Robert shows off his new fridge

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