Building a carer-friendly community

Building a carer-friendly community

There are 2.8 million unpaid carers in Australia! Their contribution to the economy is estimated at $60.3 billion a year, and the impact they have on those they care for is immeasurable.

In collaboration with Carers Queensland, Carers South Australia and Carers Victoria, we’re working to create a carer-friendly Australia by making The No Interest Loan Scheme available for carers who often experience financial hardship.

Carers like Jess (not her real name).

Jess, sole carer of her son, had been living with a leaky fridge for three years. The fridge wasn’t keeping food fresh, the constant leak meant she had to keep it in her garage, and the power it took to run in the hot North Queensland climate was pushing her power bill up. What’s more, having to go to the garage every time she needed something from the fridge was inconvenient, especially for a time-poor carer.

Jess successfully applied for a no interest loan through Carers Queensland, so she could replace her dodgy fridge with one that worked.

She found a suitable fridge she liked for just under $1,200, but the team at Carers Queensland contacted Good2GoNow, an ethical buying service that gives NILS clients access to the best prices on energy efficient whitegoods, and were able to get the same fridge for $200 less.

Recognising Jess had been through a rough time recently, and that the fridge was now coming in well under the $1,200 that can be borrowed through NILS, Carers Queensland suggested she might like to purchase an additional item. Something that would make her life a little easier. She chose to buy a DVD player for her son and a stereo for her own enjoyment.

Jess now has an efficient fridge that she can keep inside, her son is making the most of the DVD player, and she is enjoying her stereo. As the team Carers Queensland put it, ‘positivity all around.’

Carers Queensland, Carers South Australia and Carers Victoria are three of 263 providers offering NILS loans from 636 locations across Australia. To find out more about the No Interest Loan Scheme and to find your local provider, head to or call 13 64 57.

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