Building an inclusive culture

Building an inclusive culture

Suncorp is passionate about increasing the diversity of our workforce and building an inclusive culture, where people feel involved, respected, valued, connected and able to bring their ‘authentic’ selves to work.

By building a culture within our business that values differences, and supports inclusiveness and parity, our people can perform at their best. This in turn drives innovation, collaboration and exceptional customer experiences that create value for our customers. We also know it leads to better business performance.

Over the years, we have implemented programs to ensure Suncorp builds and supports a diverse workforce. A standout initiative and something we are all proud of is our working from home “hubs”.  With advances in technology, we are now able to employ people who wish to work from home, choosing their own hours to suit their own personal circumstances.  As a result, those who have caring duties can easily work for us without having to commute to the CBD or pay for care for loved ones. To provide this support, “hubs” have been built in suburban areas for staff to meet and receive training.  Sites in shopping centres with child care facilities were deliberately chosen, there is accessible parking and staff can also shop for their weekly groceries.  Our latest staff survey shows that 84% of our staff work in a flexible way. We’re proud of this achievement and importantly, it demonstrates that we’re making flexibility work.

As a leading Australian insurer, Suncorp is also committed to protecting the community in which our people live and work.  An area of key concern has been insurance affordability. Research shows that this issue is particularly acute in our low-income areas where protection of assets is most needed.  In response and in a great partnership with Good Shepherd Microfinance, Suncorp created Essentials by AAI.  The product was co-designed with customers and community groups, to increase inclusion and improve financial resilience for people on low incomes.  It has unique features such as the ability to use CentrePay (a free voluntary bill paying service) as well as low or no excesses. The majority of policyholders to date are female, looking to protect their key household assets, including their cars, which we know are vital for people living in regional Australia and on the fringes of our cities.

In our community there is always more that can be done to promote gender parity in the workplace or improve access to financial services for those who need it most.  Suncorp is playing its part and will continue to develop and implement policies and practices, internally and externally, to promote  inclusiveness in response  to community needs.

by Lisa Harrison, Executive General Manager of Insurance Operations within Suncorp Group

Lisa Harrison

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