Committed to Reconciliation

Good Shepherd is delighted to announce that we have launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

What is a RAP?

The Reconciliation Action Plan program was developed by Reconciliation Australia and launched in 2006. Through the program, organisations develop business plans that document what they will do within their sphere of influence to contribute to reconciliation in Australia.

These RAPs outline practical actions the organisation will take to build strong relationships and enhanced respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians. A RAP also sets out the organisation’s aspirational plans to drive greater equality by pursuing sustainableopportunities.

Good Shepherd’s Journey

In 2000, the Good Shepherd Sisters released a ‘Statement towards Reconciliation’ to affirm that Good Shepherd acknowledges custodianship of the land by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples.

In 2010, Good Shepherd undertook the project “Ways of Knowing:  Voices of Reconciliation” which documented our involvement with Indigenous populations in Australia and New Zealand since 1951.

Good Shepherd acknowledged that reconciliation is central to the renewal of this nation as a people’s movement in a harmonious society which believes in a fair go.

In February 2013, Good Shepherd made the commitment to develop a RAP

On December 10, 2013, International Human Rights Day and the 21st anniversary of Paul Keating’s famous Redfern address on the International Day of Indigenous People in 1992, Good Shepherd launched our first Reconciliation Plan.

Good Shepherd’s Commitment

Good Shepherd has committed to:

  • stand united as we face, name and remove barriers that cause inequality and injustice
  • strengthen relationships, demonstrate respect and undertake mutually beneficial opportunitieswith  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders
  • ‘turn good intentions into action that works’
  • strive to create opportunities and promote reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • play our role in our sphere of influence to close the 11 year life expectancy gap between Aboriginal people and other Australians
  • continue to strive for dignity, justice, compassion, respect and reconciliation with Aboriginal Torres Strait islander people and all people
  • being welcoming, understanding and meeting the needs of Aboriginal clients
  • work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders to test and trial ways we can build stronger relationships
  • report annually on our own progress
  • raise awareness and provide ways for staff to engage with reconciliation events and activities such as Reconciliation Week and Naidoc Week

For more information about the RAP, please contact GSANZ on 03 9270 9700 or

Download Good Shepherd’s Reconciliation Plan

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