Deputy CEO attends International Microcredit Summit in Manila

This year’s Microcredit Summit – focusing on 'Partnerships out of Poverty' - gathered one thousand delegates committed to fighting poverty. The Summit began with everyone greeting each other with great animation and connection, with the local greeting 'Mabuhay'. It was a great way to engage with the diverse group, and set a positive and friendly tone for the next 3 days.  
The highlight of the Summit was the opportunity to hear and speak with Muhammad Yunus, the Bangladeshi Banker who began the Grameen Bank.
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Another highlight was listening to Valerie Boffy, from Women on a Mission Singapore, speak about climbing Mt Everest. During the climb, Valerie was very reliant on: technology, experience (especially her Sherpa aged 34 who had completed 17 summits), and confidence. Now, Valerie has transferred these realisations to fighting poverty one step at a time. However, Valerie highlighted the following factors she sees as challenges to economic stability: weather (actual and economic), health, luck, determination, and drive. 
Other notable areas of learning, were mobile technology, the role of microcredit after a disaster, and the implementation of insurance solutions. 
With two thirds of the world’s poor living in the Asia Pacific region, delegates and presenters were united in their resolve to increase access to dignified microcredit options for the poor. All agreed that the mission is to ensure poverty will only be seen in museums by 2030. This commitment requires: ending corruption, good governance, good structures and microcredit as a tool. Each delegate’s commitment was written and signed on a wall for all delegates to see.
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An unexpected side event was the opportunity to participate in an informal private tour of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Central Bank of the Philippines, which is responsible for regulation, policy, education, and overall monitoring of the financial system. 
The Summit and the additional events provided a rich learning opportunity, which I look forward to sharing in more detail. 

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