Getting off the whitegoods rental roundabout with NILS

Getting off the whitegoods rental roundabout with NILS

When Jackie Teasdale made the difficult decision to leave her marriage soon after having her sixth child, she found herself needing to furnish a new home.

“I needed a fridge and I needed one really quickly. I rented a fridge but, after a while, it broke down.  It was only then, when the company I was dealing with refused to fix or replace it, that I realised I had paid around three times what the appliance was worth. I felt very foolish and I felt very let down,” Jackie said.

With guidance from the Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network (ICAN), Jackie got off the rental roundabout with a no interest loan from Good Shepherd Microfinance.

“I saw the information about a no interest loan and I wondered if it was something that I could apply for.  ICAN and Good Shepherd were there for me 100% of the way.  I would ring up with questions all the time and they made it very clear and explained things in a way that wasn’t difficult to understand.  At first it was hard to trust again but I am so glad I did and I also felt better knowing a bank like NAB was behind the scheme,” Jackie said.

“They helped me go through my entire finances and we worked out a budget. I had huge power bills so they even sent someone to the house to check my appliances.  My old washing machine was drawing way too much electricity, so they arranged new energy-efficient appliances that were brand new and within my budget.

“The repayments were so affordable and it comes out of your Centrelink benefit through Centrepay so you don’t even notice it happening.  You don’t pay any interest and before you know it you have bought these brand new, reliable appliances.  You don’t have to worry about getting ripped off.  It’s like somebody’s got your back.”

After such a good experience, Jackie is now setting her sights on applying for a Step-Up loan through Good Shepherd Microfinance to buy a car.

“I’m moving soon to a better area with more room for the kids and I’m hoping to become qualified to work in correctional services, so I’m feeling very optimistic about the future for me and my family,” Jackie said.

“Getting the NILS loan was life changing.  It made me feel like someone believes in me and I’m okay as a person. I feel so proud that I have been able to do this for my kids but I also feel proud of myself for having the courage to ask for help. I want all families in a situation like mine to know you can change your life and that, thanks to Good Shepherd Microfinance, there is a better way forward.”

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