Good Money Geelong

It will be a year in April since Good Money Geelong opened the first of three community finance stores. Good Money’s aim is to provide safe, honest and affordable financial services and information to people on low and limited incomes.

With this celebration Good Money Geelong will be welcoming a new Manager, Helen Curmi, on 22 April who has previously worked as the StepUP State Coordinator for Victoria and Tasmania. 

Good Money is a one-stop shop located in high-profile retail streets that consolidate existing Good Shepherd Microfinance services, such as No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) loans and StepUP loans along with services delivered by financial counsellors, under one roof.

Thee community finance stores are a partnership between the State Government of Victoria, NAB and Good Shepherd Microfinance.

Zadika Daniels, is one of many clients amongst the over two thousand customers who have walked off the street and been offered a No Interest Loan, a Low Interest Loan, and help with budgeting. The three principles which Good Money are guided by are:

  • The underlying belief that Prevention and Intervention are vital to prevent people from falling into financial crises situations. A few right decisions and connections early on make all the difference.

  • Choice. Having an honest conversation with customers who visit Good Money about their options and inviting them to discover things for themselves and leave with having a positive and inclusive experience.

  • Empowerment. Giving customers the ability to make their own decisions and take responsibility.

Good Money seems to be well on its way to be a key player in Good Shepherd Microfinance’s audacious plan to reach one million people through all of their programs by 2018. 

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