Good Money stores promote Smart Money Health

Kathleen Hosie, the NILS State Co-ordinator for Victoria, cooking up over 500 sausages at the Good Money Dandenong store.

Last week, Good Shepherd Microfinance was involved in MoneySmart Week, an initiative which encourages all Australians to strive for money health.  This is the second year Good Shepherd Microfinance has been involved in the Week, and we’re excited to share that our events and messaging had greater impact, further reach, and a louder community voice.

All three of our Good Money stores held community focused events encouraging people to stop in for a money health check, to enjoy a provided lunch, find out more about Good Money services, and to chat about what they could do to improve their financial life.

Adding to fantastic in-store promotions, advertisements in Geelong, Collingwood, and Dandenong community papers reached over 200,000 readers.  Resulting in over 700 people involved in the events and 25 new customers. 

To further support the Week, our staff at our head office in Northcote listened to a representative from HESTA, the leading superannuation organisation for the community sector, speak about how to manage superannuation at different stages, and what insurance options were available.

Adding to the Week’s excitement, we also received two national MoneySmart Week awards, the first being an Outstanding Achievement Award in research and the other a Highly Commended Award in the community category. Further details of the awards can be read in our media release

Last week was a great success, but also just the beginning of many community-led, financial discussion and activities to come.

Good Shepherd Microfinance is a proud and official supporter of MoneySmart Week.  As an organisation, we believe that every Australian has the right to realise their own economic wellbeing, and feel in control of their finances at any stage of life. 

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