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Just after moving her family to Australia, Jimaima found herself a widow. New to the country, she worked as a supervisor in a hotel, but  at retirement age began to receive a pension due to not having savings and her family were unable to support her.

Throughout all their struggles, Jimaima’s family have been her absolute pride and joy. But, it makes her sad that she’s never been able to provide them the things they need or want. But, that feeling changed when she spotted the Good Money community finance hub in Dandenong, Victoria. Walking along Lonsdale street, she walked past what she assumed was another pay day lender until seeing a sign for the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS).  

Jimaima was absolutely overjoyed to learn that NILS made it possible to reward her grandson’s efforts in his engineering degree by buying him a laptop, but without any financial stress for herself. The best part was the affordable repayments, with no interest, fees, or charges. In her words “nobody but Good Money could help me with the things I needed to save up”. During her first NILS loan, Good Money became “just like at home”, often dropping in for a chat, a coffee and to use the computer.

Then, once the first loan was repaid, Jimaima applied for another NILS loan for flights to visit Sydney and Fiji to see her family (and go fishing!) - her dream of many many years was coming true. We wish her well on her trip home and the Good Money Dandenong staff is excited for her to drop in to share her travel stories! 

Good Money is spreading its wings: 
The South Australian Government has announced its support for Good Money, to provide services to South Australians that are financially excluded. Good Money will open in Adelaide in early 2015. Read the full media release… 

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