Good Shepherd Microfinance participates in international Economic Justice Forum

Our Deputy CEO, Michelle Crawford recently visited Bangkok to present at the international Good Shepherd Economic Justice Visioning - read about her experiences. 
Last week, Good Shepherd Sisters and Mission Partners meet in The Redemptorist International School in Min Buri to vision the future for Good Shepherd in working toward Economic Justice. Present at the Visioning were the Sisters, partners from 12 different countries across the Asia Pacific region, and the Mission Development Office team from Rome. 
The Visioning focused on building existing projects, and developing exciting ideas for future activity, such as: coffee roasting in South Korea, water bottling in the Philippines, towel production in India, and massage business and tourism 'experiences' in Thailand to name a few. 
Good Shepherd Microfinance had the opportunity to share the microfinance story of the past 32 years, and highlight the tremendous impact realised through partnership who join us in the spirit of ‘co-responsibility’ with a shared vision for economic justice. Our outstanding partners are the 270 community organisations, the National Australia Bank, and state and federal government.  
Before leaving Thailand, a visit to Good Shepherd's Fatima Centre in Bangkok was on the agenda. The Centre is a place of safety, nurturing, and learning and has been run by the Good Shepherd Sisters since the 1940s. Today, there are 80 young Thai women living onsite who range in age from 7-17yrs. The Sisters encourage diverse skill development through individual tutoring and onsite classes. 
Recently, as part of their studies, the girls developed two self-sustaining projects, both of which provide food for the onsite kitchen: cultivating beansprouts and mushrooms in a great little hothouse -  the local climate perfect for quick harvesting – and breeding frogs, which are described as 'very yummy'!
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Other onsite projects include: 
- Producing handcraft goods which are provided to a worldwide network of marketers and FairTrade shops
- Community support, safe place, and counselling for mothers and babies after birth
- Vocational training including Hairdressing, Nail Technician, Sewing, Cross Stitch and Retail
- A daycare and kindergarten space with 4 classrooms with age groups ranging from 3-6 years of age. All students are provided with uniforms, shoes and school books 
The Centre relies heavily on financial support from 'friends'. If you would like to support this vital mission, visit for a more detailed overview and contact details for donations.
The next blog will be about the Microcredit Summit ‘Partnerships Against Poverty’ in Manila. 

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