“It’s changed my life, the way I look at things and my attitude in general” – Dianne, AddsUP client

“It’s changed my life, the way I look at things and my attitude in general” – Dianne, AddsUP client

Having successfully paid off a NILS Loans from Family Care Shepparton, Dianne was eligible to participate in the AddsUP Savings Plan – a program that encourages people to save by matching their savings of $500 – dollar for dollar.

As a single mother of two boys and full time carer to her son with Down Syndrome, Dianne never thought she was in a position to save. But the routine of repaying her NILS Loans along with ongoing support from the team at Family Care Shepparton, Dianne managed to save the $500 which, when matched by NAB, become $1,000.

To repay her NILS Loan and save $500, Dianne focussed on little changes that, when combined, had a big impact. Simple things like shopping around for the best phone and energy plans. “I’d never even thought about it really, I just paid the bills because that’s what I’d always done.”

“If someone had have said that to me before I started this program I would have said ‘you’ve got to be kidding, how can I possibly put that much money aside.’ I thought it was impossible with the income I’m on.”

Dianne is now utilising the savings habits and the $1,000 from the AddsUP Savings Plan to save toward a much needed new car.

“I’ve got an old Hyundai Excel – it’s done about 280,000 kilometres and it’s probably seen better days. The air conditioner doesn’t work and when I went to get it fixed they recommended I didn’t do it … a new compressor on it is likely to put a lot more strain on the motor.

“We try and make our trips early morning or later in the evening during summer because the middle of the day it’s quite warm.”

She has opened a new NAB savings account, made a budget and is ready to save.

“From February I’ll be putting $50 a fortnight toward it until my NILS loan for my lounge is paid off. Then I’ll be putting $120 a fortnight toward it. If I do that, by the end of the year I should have a fair bit of money sitting there.

“Another car is definitely on the cards … That’s something I wouldn’t have even thought about before I started with these programs (NILS and AddsUP) … It’s something that you think, I can’t afford it and there’s no way I could save money to be able to do that.’ It definitely changed the way I think.”

AddsUP Savings Plan customer Dianne leans against her old car

The AddsUP Savings Plan is available to NILS and StepUP Loan clients who have successfully paid off their loans and is available through at select locations across Australia. To find out more about the No Interest Loan Scheme and to find your local provider, head to www.nils.com.au or call 13 64 57.

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