Leadership in microfinance: Harvard Business School / Accion program

Our CEO, Adam Mooney, has been invited, and was awarded a scholarship, to participate in a development program for global microfinance leaders.
Adam will head to Harvard Business School in April as part of the Strategic Leadership for Microfinance program, offered to around 30 microfinance CEOs and executives from around the world. The program is run in partnership with Accion, a large US based microfinance institution and provides an exceptional opportunity to connect with peers while engaging with some of the Harvard Business School faculty's foremost thinkers in business strategy and management.
The program addresses key strategic issues arising out of the dual goals of economic and social value creation that define microfinance.  Topic areas include industry change, managing in competition, organisational growth, and creating economic and social value.
The scholarship Adam received is from the MasterCard Foundation.  Adam will blog about this experience and share some insights from the program at the 2013 National NILS Conference on 13/14 June 2013.    

To find out more visit: http://www.accion.org/hbs

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