Mayken’s StepUP Loan meant “freedom and the choices”

Mayken’s StepUP Loan meant “freedom and the choices”

Earlier this year Mayken found herself with nothing but a suitcase of clothes and some basics to furnish a flat for her and her son. She had sold her car to fund her escape from a ten year relationship of financial, emotional and psychological abuse.

“I sold my car because I needed the money for moving. It was months of preparation, keeping it hidden because I couldn’t tell a soul about what I was doing. My ex-partner was highly paranoid and would read my mail, hide my personal papers – so I couldn’t apply for assistance or provide things like proof of income.”

After leaving, Mayken made the best of her situation, getting a job at Swinburne University and starting a Bachelor of Business degree, but she found it difficult to keep on top of all her responsibilities.

Good Money client Mayken standing out the front of a house

“I was using public transport, so if I started work at 9am I had to leave home at 6:15 to get there on time and coming home was the same thing, finishing at 5pm and getting home between 7:30-8pm. My son plays baseball and needed to be driven from A to B, and there were things I hadn’t thought about, like shopping. I had to spend a lot of money online to get the shopping delivered.”

Mayken realised she couldn’t continue her life the way it was without a car, her bank wouldn’t lend her the money with her current job, so she thought she would have to drop out of her university course in order to get a fulltime job and afford a car loan.

“I went to my social worker and I said, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I need a car.”

And that’s how she found Good Money. “My social worker sat down with me and said don’t go to the bank, don’t drop out of university, go and see the people at Good Money.”

“I went there and this lady was amazing, she blew me away, the way she put it all together. She said you can afford the loan no problem and she did a personal budget and explained to me how everything worked, and within three weeks I had a car!”

The StepUP loan Mayken received through Good Money allowed her to vastly improve the quality of her life without sacrificing her plans for the future.

“It’s not just the fact that I now have a car to go to the supermarket or go here and go there. It means more than that – it’s freedom and the choices I now have, that’s what Good Money has done for me.”

Good Money stores offer safe and affordable financial services for people on low incomes in Victoria and South Australia. Good Money is supported by Good Shepherd Microfinance, the Victorian and South Australian Governments and National Australia Bank.

Good Money client Mayken in her car

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