Moving on with a StepUP loan

Shannon has had more than his fair share of hardship in his life. He grew up in a violent home, and at the age of five, went into foster care, moving through several homes before being sent to a boys’ home at the age of eleven. Fortunately, one of his original foster families took him in when he was twelve, giving him some much-needed stability and care.

Still, as an adult, he has battled his past and life has not been easy. Now trying to turn his life around, he had a serious accident several months ago when he severed his leg with an angle grinder.

“I work as a truck driver and have also done painting, maintenance and scaffolding work. But since the accident, l haven’t been able to work.”

“My main problem was not having a car on the road. I needed a loan to get my car repaired to get it back on the road, so l could get back to work.”

“A friend mentioned a local neighbourhood centre in Bathurst, so l went there and found out about the StepUP loan program, which the Josephite Foundation run.”

Recovery from the accident has been slow and painful for Shannon, but the loan has really given him the lift he needed.

“It’s an absolute blessing – l don’t know what l would have done without it. This is the first step for me in getting back to work and on the road.”

For Shannon, the loan will also give him a credit rating, which means it will be easier in the future to access credit and other financial products.

“This has picked my spirits up a lot and it’s come at the right time. I’ll be telling others about StepUP, as I think it’s important that people know there is help like this available.”

“People don’t want handouts, they just want a little bit of help and guidance, so they can help themselves. This loan means l can help myself and I can be independent.”

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