NILS helps to rebuild lives

After Cherryl’s husband unexpectedly passed away, Cherryl and her daughter Chante now aged ten, moved into church housing. Suddenly, she was unable to pay their bills. This left her with a bad credit rating, and was no longer able to access mainstream credit to help rebuild their lives. Cherryl didn’t have a family to support her, as they live in the Philippines, and their lives were devastatingly impacted by Typhoon Haiyan. Also, since Typhoon Haiyan, Cherryl has scraped together every cent to support them, despite struggling herself.

But, amongst the hardship, Cherryl maintained her hope and happiness, saying that God lead her to Good Money, which she is forever grateful for. Cherryl says that her NILS loan, a no interest loan up to $1,200, gave her the opportunity to buy the things she needs that she otherwise couldn't afford. Ten months ago, through NILS they were able to buy a wardrobe for their clothes, a laptop for Chante's studies, a mobile phone, and another single bed - as her and her daughter had been sharing a single bed. Now, she enthusiastically tells all her friends about it, and has already decided that for her next loan in two months’ time, she plans to buy lounge furniture as they have none, and also hopefully a television!

Find out more about NILS
The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on a low income access to safe, fair and affordable credit. Maximum loan amounts may vary, but credit can start from $300 up to $1200 for essential goods and services. Once the application is approved, repayments are set up at an affordable amount over a 12 to 18 months period. With NILS, no credit checks are made as this is a program based on trust and respect. To find out more, call 13 NILS (13 6457). 


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