NILS helps Troy say goodbye to his dog, Dhama

NILS helps Troy say goodbye to his dog, Dhama

For many people, a pet can be like a member of the family. For Troy and Alicia, their beloved dog Dhama was an important part of their lives for 17 years. Troy got her as a six week old puppy, and she had been with him ever since.

So when it became apparent that she was unwell, they wanted to get her medical care quickly.

“We took her to the vet, as she was unwell and old. They wouldn’t see her though as we didn’t have any money,” said Alicia.

Troy called the Lort Smith animal hospital instead, where Dhama had been seen before. The hospital was concerned about Dhama’s condition and told the couple to bring her straight in.

When the vet examined Dhama, they realised she had a cancerous growth on the back of her neck, which had moved throughout most of her body. They told Troy and Alicia that the best thing was to put her down. Troy and Alicia were devastated; they wanted to do the right thing by Dhama, but they also wanted to bring her home at the end.

They didn’t have many options, but then Alicia’s sister suggested they look up NILS, the No Interest Loan Scheme.

They eventually spoke to Good Money in Morwell where Paula, the store manager, was able to help them through the process. They applied for NILS and were given a loan to pay for Dhama to be put down and also for her to be cremated, so that could take her home.

“She was such an important part of our lives, we just wanted her final resting place to be here with us, where she’d lived for so long,” said Alicia.

“Paula was amazing, she helped us at every step and made the process easy for us. I would recommend NILS to others too who may not be aware of it.”

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