NILS nominated in Australia’s top 50 philanthropic achievements

Today, Good Shepherd Microfinance’s No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) is being celebrated as one of Australia’s Top 50 philanthropic moments in Australian history. In 1992 the Ian Potter Foundation supported NILS as they recognised the potential of microfinance in Australia to promote financial inclusion for people on low incomes.

Christine Nixon, Chair of Good Shepherd Microfinance, was present today at the Australia’s Top Philanthropic Gifts event, to thank public voters and ‘Australia’s Top 50 Philanthropic Gifts’ for the nomination. Adam Mooney, CEO of Good Shepherd Microfinance said, “It is with great pride that NILS has been chosen by public voters and Australia’s Top 50 Philanthropic Gifts.”

CEO of the Ian Potter Foundation, Janet Hirst states, the Foundation is “proud to be an initial supporter of NILS and Good Shepherd Microfinance with our ongoing support of the program”.

Peter Winneke, Head of Philanthropic Services at the Myer Family Company and project creator, stated: “Amongst hundreds of nominations we wanted to choose 50 fantastic stories about giving. NILS was a worthy recipient because of the large impact it has had on thousands of people.”

Adam Mooney also commented, “With the help of the gift from the Ian Potter Foundation, Good Shepherd Microfinance and NILS is changing lives and communities for the better in over 600 locations around Australia. Janet Hirst echoes this statement, “We commend Good Shepherd Microfinance on its leadership of the NILS programs which have made a significant and positive impact on the lives of many low income individuals, families and communities across the country.”

NILS was establish in 1981 in one location in Collingwood. Now, through the work of our community providers, NILS is in 602 locations. In the last financial year, the national NILS network wrote 22,349 loans to the value of $20.8 million.

To ensure NILS is acknowledged in the Top 10 philanthropic gifts, we welcome votes until Monday 28 October:


About Good Shepherd Microfinance

Good Shepherd Microfinance is Australia’s largest microfinance organisation. We offer a suite of people-centred, affordable financial programs for people on low incomes at different financial stages of their lives. Our aim, together with those of our community partners, is to enable clients to realise their own economic wellbeing, as they define it themselves, through appropriate financial services, in the process feeling valued, accepted and included and in control of their own finances and lives. Our programs have reached more than 100,000 people previously excluded from mainstream banking access to loans and savings.

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