NILS has Stacey on the road for a very important journey

NILS has Stacey on the road for a very important journey

Stacey took out her first NILS loan six years ago to urgently fix her unreliable car. She was travelling two hours a day to visit her infant son in hospital for several months, and needed dependable transport to make the journey.

“My son was born 13 weeks premature and had heart problems, so he had to stay at the Westmead Hospital, an hour’s drive from where I was living,” Stacey says.

“Having the car fixed meant that I could get to and from the hospital every day.”

Stacey and her three young children also had to relocate suddenly to Sydney to seek medical help during her pregnancy, so she needed to set up a new home from scratch.

“I was living in Wollongong and didn’t have anything up here, so I’ve taken out some NILS loans, and bit by bit I’m getting everything.”

Stacey obtained a NILS loan through Hills Community Aid to help with paying her car registration and has purchased a fridge, beds for her children, a washing machine and dryer.

“It has helped me heaps, I had nothing when I came back to Windsor, and I’m nearly finished my last loan and thinking that I don’t need anything else.”

“My son is fine and is in kindergarten – and I’m happy,” she says.

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