The No Interest Loan Scheme enabled Jaymee to set up a home

The No Interest Loan Scheme enabled Jaymee to set up a home

Jaymee had the chance to move into her own place with her two year old son, but she didn’t have everything she needed. Karen and the team at Good Money offered a solution.

Jaymee’s story

“I had my son Michael in 2014. In June this year I was able to move into my own place with him, but I didn’t have everything I needed.

I heard about Good Money through a friend of mine who said they were really good.  She was right, the experience was great. They were all very nice and made sure you felt comfortable.

Karen really listened to me – about my situation and about not being able to afford stuff. She made it work for me. I was able to get a dryer, microwave and a fridge to set me up in my new place. It was those three things I really needed, especially the fridge.

I honestly don’t know what would have happened if I wasn’t able to get the loan. There are no other options other than payday lenders who are really bad. I wouldn’t use them. I’ve recommended Good Money to so many of my friends.

The process was so quick – that’s what I really liked. And it was a massive stress-reliever. Once my loan was approved I just sat there and thought ‘there’s one big thing off my shoulders.’ I just felt calmer and so much better.

I’m in my own house now with Michael, he brings me so much joy! And now I’m going back to school next year. I’m feeling positive about the future.”

Karen’s story

“Jaymee was very organised and easy to deal with and she managed her money very well. I could see she was committed to paying her bills and took the responsibility of moving into her own place with her son very seriously. I could see the difference this loan was going to make to her.

I’ve worked in finance my whole life. I’ve worked for the big banks and even a payday lender for a while – but I didn’t really agree with the way they operated. I love working for Good Money, you have to have compassion to do this job though. I don’t judge our clients. They’re just the same as everyone else except they’ve experienced circumstances beyond their control.

The best part of my job is the fact we aren’t ripping people off! It’s a genuinely safe product and it helps people on low incomes feel included. With NILS and StepUP they’re not financially excluded anymore.

This is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had and it’s something I hope to be doing for a really long time. It actually opens your eyes. You don’t realise how many people out there need help. It’s quite sad when you see how far-reaching poverty is in this country.”

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No Interest Loan Scheme and Good Money customers Jaymee discusses her finances with Karen from Good Money

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