No more washing by hand

No more washing by hand

With four kids aged eight and under, washing clothes is a daily part of life for Candiannd and husband Sean.

“We only had a washing machine that took 7.5 kilos, and it broke down. I wasn’t going to stand there and hand-wash all our clothes, so a friend had told me about Good Money,” says Candiannd. “I went there because there was no interest on the loan.”

Candiannd and her family were finding it hard to put together the money for regular trips to the laundromat, something they no longer have to worry about.

“What we were able to get was unbelievable, we got a huge washing machine. It makes things way easier.”

Candiannd was approved for a NILS loan and chose to purchase her appliance using Good2GoNow. It was promptly delivered and installed by her local The Good Guys store. She says the quick turnaround time was a huge plus.

“Once everything was finalised, the washing machine turned up two days later, I didn’t have to wait weeks. My kids’ favourite thing is making washing, so it was very lucky that it came quickly!” she says.

Candiannd, Good2GoNow client

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