On the 1st day of Christmas my no interest loan was approved for a fridge and a TV.

Zadika was in a situation of recurring homelessness. She was on a pension, and felt that she just couldn’t get a break. 

“Everywhere I would turn, needing support, the door was always closed in my face. I didn’t have a fridge, television or basic household items.”

When Zadika moved into a new apartment, her housing worker put her in touch with Good Money and she was accepted for a NILS loan.

“It had been many years since I had had, what was to me, such a large some of  money to make the choice to purchase new items. I just couldn’t wait for the delivery man to come and install my fridge.”

“To turn on the television and  know that I was actually able to pay it back on the minimal direct debit each fortnight.”

“What I really loved about the NILS was that it taught me to budget. That’s a really big thing when you are on a benefit. I’m in a fanstatic position in life now, stress free, financially-able. It has made a world of difference.”

The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on a low income access to safe, fair and affordable credit. Loans start from $300 up to $1200 for essential goods and services. To find out more, call 13 NILS (13 6457) or www.nils.com.au 

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