On the 3rd day of Christmas my no interest loan was approved for a laptop.

Mohamed took out a no interest loan for a laptop while he was studying.

“I had an old laptop that had to be connected to the power for me to use it and that caused me to have to sit in the same position for several hours.”

“It was getting painful because I have a prosthetic hand and can only use my right hand. I was getting very sore on one side.”

Mohamed found out about the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) through the Islamic Council of Victoria, and was able to solve his problem by buying a laptop that gave him the opportunity not to be stuck in one place for the same time.

He can now do assignments in different places during the day and at night, and the pain in his right hand has disappeared.

The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on a low income access to safe, fair and affordable credit. Loans start from $300 up to $1200 for essential goods and services. To find out more, call 13 NILS (13 6457) or www.nils.com.au

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