On the 7th day of Christmas my low interest loan was approved for a TV and a washing machine.

Vaska’s marriage of 24 years had been very difficult. She felt trapped, unhappy and financially dependent.

She left her marriage to live on single parent and disability pensions, but was finding it very difficult to afford large household items. She applied for a StepUP loan through Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House to buy a washing machine and a television.

“This seemed like a luxury, but helped me through a challenging time of judgement and isolation from some family and friends.”

“If I didn’t have StepUP, it would’ve been so hard for me to do anything.” A year later, she feels like a new person: “I have everything now. I have freedom. I have my life back…that’s a big change.”  

StepUP provides low interest loans to people on low incomes through community providers across many parts of Australia. It is an initiative of Good Shepherd Microfinance in partnership with National Australia Bank (NAB). StepUP offers loans of between $800 and $3000 for personal or household purposes. No fees apply. To find out more, visit www.stepuploan.org.au

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