On the 8th day of Christmas my low interest loan was approved for a second-hand car

When Ma San was accepted into Biomedicine at Deakin she was overjoyed. But, without a car, she was unable to travel to university or work as a personal maths and science tutor.

She didn’t have the savings to buy a car outright and briefly wondered how she was going to manage. A friend told her about the low interest StepUP loan.

So, just before university began in February, Ma San found a car and applied for a StepUP loan through Good Money in Dandenong. The process was very quick and easy, allowing Ma San to buy the car well before university began.

Now, Ma San makes repayments from her Youth Allowance through direct debit, finding it a hassle-free way to manage her student income.

With her studies underway, Ma San has a dream to return to Burma, where she emigrated from with her family aged 15, to work in remote areas as a General Practitioner.

StepUP provides low interest loans to people on low incomes through community providers across many parts of Australia. It is an initiative of Good Shepherd Microfinance in partnership with National Australia Bank (NAB). StepUP offers loans of between $800 and $3000 for personal or household purposes. No fees apply. To find out more, visit www.stepuploan.org.au

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