Online budgeting module launched

Today we are excited to launch a new online learning module to the Microfinance network Budgeting by GSM & ASIC's MoneySmart.”

A casual conversation at an AFIN meeting in 2013 between Good Shepherd Microfinance and ASIC opened the door to what was to become today’s partnership.  Keen to build on the obvious synergy between the two organisations, time was spent exploring what shape the relationship could best take. At the time, Good Shepherd Microfinance was reviewing the practical training support in place for providers working with the financially excluded sectors of the community and was looking to implement a national learning framework.

Many conversations later and the project developing the 30 minute online learning module emerged  – ASIC’s Moneysmart budgeting tool embedded in the day to day context of our microfinance community. The module forms part of the GSM introductory learning program and will be available to all microfinance workers via the Good Learning online learning platform. More than just imparting the fine art of budgeting, it will support the development of skills to ensure financial conversations occur in a respectful and non-judgmental manner.

"It was great to work with GSM in developing a useful learning module for Microfinance workers" said  ASIC's MoneySmart team .

With over 33,000 financial conversations having occurred in the network in the last financial year, we look forward to the module having real impact in the outcomes of future conversations across the country.

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