StepUP Loan saved Shahla time and money

StepUP Loan saved Shahla time and money

When Shahla and her nine-year old daughter Raya emigrated from Iran two and a half years ago, they left behind a network of family, friends, and colleagues to begin a new life filled with promise and success.

But the reality they faced upon arriving in Melbourne was one full of challenges and frustration. Shahla and Raya were taking lengthy public transport journeys daily, meaning that Shahla was unable to find regular work – she didn’t have enough time in the day between dropping off and picking up Raya from school.

“Everything took more planning, more time and was much more expensive,” Shahla explains. “But then a friend who had just bought a car told me about StepUP loans.”

Shahla promptly applied for a loan through Good Money Dandenong, one of 39 StepUP low interest loan program sites around the country.

“Having a car has changed everything, I tell everyone I know about StepUP loans.”

Since buying her car through StepUP, Shahla no longer has to sacrifice her studies and work.

“Now things are so much easier. We arrive to places faster, earlier and not stressed, and can fit so much more in the day,” she says.

After driving Raya to school, Shahla now heads to English classes and attends her childcare diploma placement. She also regularly pops down to the shops for groceries without a second thought.

With a fixed low interest rate, no fees and a flexible three-year repayment period, Shahla can plan for things down the road without the need to wait for the bus.

Shahla and her daughter Raya in the car she bought with a StepUP Loan

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