From welding to aged care, NILS smooths Richard’s career change

From welding to aged care, NILS smooths Richard’s career change

Richard worked as a welder for over 11 years and, while he loved his work, the industry changed and a lot of jobs were lost, including his own. He decided it was time to “study for a career change,” to move into an area that had always interested him – aged care. He began studying a Certificate III in Aged Care, but the largely online course threw up one particular challenge.

Richard didn’t own a computer. He was relying on the local library to access online modules. This meant he could only do course work during library opening hours, and it made studying and handing in assignments difficult.

“I was having a lot of problems with the computers at the library. A lot of the modules are online … if you have a day at TAFE you’re not going to be able to make it to the library.”

Having a laptop would make his life much easier and enable him to get his studying done, but he couldn’t afford the cost of buying a laptop outright. Luckily, a friend recommended the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS). He took their advice and applied for a NILS loan.

The loan process was “straight-forward”, repayments “easy, only $20 a fortnight,” and Janette, from at the Millicent Community Centre, made the process as smooth as possible. Richard used his loan to purchase a laptop, began studying at times that suited him, and completed his course.

NILS client Richard uses his laptop in the park

The NILS loan also showed Richard a safe and affordable alternative to renting electronics. He’d previously rented a TV and stereo but, he says “without swearing, it was disappointing.”

Renting electronics involves renting a product for a few years, before you’re given the opportunity to purchase the product outright. What Richard didn’t realise is, by the end of the contract, you’ll have paid around three times the value of the product.

“Rent-to-buy was extremely disappointing, it cost me double to triple of what it should have… I’ll never go through them again.”

Richard is really enjoying working in aged care. He’s working at a local hospital and even found a second job in community aged care in his home town of Millicent. Richard is glad he made the move as “working with people in aged care, it’s much more hands on” and he is enjoying making connections with people every day. is one of 263 providers offering the NILS loans from 636 locations across Australia. To find out more about the No Interest Loan Scheme and to find your local provider, head to or call 13 64 57.

Portrait of NILS client Richard with his laptop

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