A Place-Based Approach to Financial Inclusion

The FIAP Program received an additional boost in early 2018 when the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust extended a grant to leverage the learnings of the national FIAP Program, and test it in a specific place of disadvantage in regional Victoria. Geelong was selected as the first location to pilot the concept of a Place-Based Financial Inclusion Action Plan. Over the past 16 months, the immense support provided by GROW (G21 Regional Opportunities for Work) and G21 Regional Alliance has enabled us to engage with local organisations (the Pioneers) across business, government, community and academia to understand the local challenges and co-design practical actions which will enhance financial inclusion and resilience in the region.

The Pioneers leading the way to develop and launch the first Financial Inclusion Action Plan for Geelong in February 2020 are:

For further information please download the Geelong FIAP flyer here

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