Response to Australian Government Discussion Paper on Social Impact Investing

The Australian Government recently released the Social Impact Investing Discussion Paper in January this year identifying the potential opportunities arising from the unmet needs of more than three million adults experiencing financial exclusion in Australia.

Good Shepherd Microfinance was privileged with the opportunity to be involved in this important debate and respond to the discussion paper, highlighting that while addressing the unmet needs of Australians experiencing financial exclusion is an important priority policy area for the Australian Government, evidence however shows that we are only able to reach a fraction of total demand.

Some of the consultation questions addressed include:

  1. What are the main barriers to the growth of the social impact investing market in Australia? How do these barriers differ, from the perspective of investors, service providers & intermediaries?
  2. What do you see as the future for social impact investing in Australia: for example, can you foresee the development of new structures for social impact investing?
  3. Are there any Australian Government legislative or regulatory barriers constraining the growth of the social impact investing market?
  4. What do you see as the role of the Australian Government in developing the social impact investing market?

Download Good Shepherd Microfinance’s response to the discussion paper for more details.

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