Women and payday lending 2018

The Women and Payday Lending report follows on from research first completed in 2015 using data to the end of 2017. We sought to re-address four specific questions:

1) Are women increasingly using payday lending in Australia?

2) What are the household characteristics of women who use payday lending in Australia? This includes additional analysis by age distribution.

3) How are women using payday lending in Australia (e.g. repeat lending, online lending, loan purpose)?

4) What are the motivations and drivers of women using payday lending in Australia?
Our findings revealed that women continue to use payday loans at increasing growth rates. This is explained in part by the low initial penetration rates of women using payday loans in 2005 (when the survey results were first assessed); greater financial need and autonomy in the last decade; and greater availability of online loans. We sought to address four specific questions, read more for the details of this paper.

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