“Talking Money” Financial Capacity Building Workshop Materials

In 2018/19 the Program Design and Advisory Services team received funding from the Victorian Government to run a series of two hour workshops across Victoria for five target cohorts: women, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, CALD youth, people living on a low income and people living in an emergency risk area.  All of the workshop materials are now available free of charge under a creative commons licence and we welcome you to use this material with your clients or within your communities. For each target cohort there is a facilitator’s guide, presentation slides and additional resources.  The additional resources include handouts and templates relating to each cohort as outlined in the facilitator’s guide, but do have a look through them all as you may find something else that is useful!

We acknowledge and thank the Victorian Government who funded the project; the stakeholders who took part in the initial co-design process; all of the 45 agencies who either partnered, hosted, co-facilitated, attended or promoted the workshops and of course all of the participants who shared their experiences with us and each other. The workshops were evaluated and some of the key outcomes are outlined in the Talking Money – Financial Capability Workshops Evaluation Summary